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Day 241: Psalms 126-128; 2 Peter 1
Day 242: Psalms 129-131; 2 Peter 2
Day 243: Psalms 132-134; 2 Peter 3
Day 244: Psalms 135-136; 1 John 1 (2012 incomplete)
Day 245: Psalms 137-139; 1 John 2 (2012)
Day 246: Psalms 140-142; 1 John 3 (2012)
Day 247: Psalms 143-145; 1 John 4 (2012 incomplete)
Day 248: Psalms 146-147; 1 John 5 (2012 incomplete)
Day 249: Psalms 148-150; 2 John 1 (2012 incomplete)
Day 250: Proverbs 1-2; 3 John 1 (2012)
Day 251: Proverbs 3-5; Jude 1
Day 252: Proverbs 6-7; Revelation 1
Day 253: Proverbs 8-9; Revelation 2
Day 254: Proverbs 10-12; Revelation 3 (2012 incomplete)
Day 255: Proverbs 13-15; Revelation 4 (2012)
Day 256: Proverbs 16-18; Revelation 5 (2012 incomplete)
Day 257: Proverbs 19-21; Revelation 6
Day 258: Proverbs 22-24; Revelation 7
Day 259: Proverbs 25-26; Revelation 8
Day 260: Proverbs 27-29; Revelation 9
Day 261: Proverbs 30-31; Revelation 10
Day 262: Ecclesiastes 1-3; Revelation 11
Day 263: Ecclesiastes 4-6; Revelation 12
Day 264: Ecclesiastes 7-9; Revelation 13
Day 265: Ecclesiastes 10-12; Revelation 14
Day 266: Song of Songs 1-3; Revelation 15
Day 267: Song of Songs 4-5; Revelation 16
Day 268: Song of Songs 6-8; Revelation 17
Day 269: Isaiah 1-2; Revelation 18
Day 270: Isaiah 3-4; Revelation 19

Day 241: Psalms 126-128; 2 Peter 1

.Psalm 127:2 | I just had to highlight this verse and put a bookmark there.

.Psalm 128:3 | "Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine..." | Add that to Proverbs 31. In fact, that would almost fit perfectly as the beginning of Proverbs 31:31 (the only reason I say "almost" is because it's not there. If that were the perfect place for it, that's where it would already be.)

.2 Peter 1:4-10 | Extremely important scripture where Peter tells us a formula on how to keep from ever falling (sinning).

.2 Peter 1:4 | Hebrews 6:11-12; James 1:14-16; 1 Thessalonians 4:1-7

.2 Peter 1:5 | Faith first (notice he doesn't say add faith, because elsewhere it mentions in the Bible that everyone already has some measure of faith.) All diligence (2 Cor 8:7)

.2 Peter 1:17 | Matthew 3:17

.2 Peter 1:20 | I would assume that this means that prophecy is generally good for the public on some level or another.

.2 Peter 1:21 | This leads me to believe that people don't and shouldn't prophesy at their own will, and quite possibly can't prophesy at their own will. In other words, man doesn't move the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost moves man (although that statement may be a bit oversimplified).
Day 242: Psalms 129-131; 2 Peter 2

.2 Peter 2:3 | "And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you..." |

.2 Peter 2:9 | Notice it says He knows how to deliver the "godly" out of temptations, not the ungodly. 1 Corinthians 10:13; Matthew 6:13

.2 Peter 2:19-21 | highlighted
Day 243: Psalms 132-134; 2 Peter 3

.Psalm 134:2 | If you've studied more about worship in the Old Testament, let me know what you've learned. I'd like to know if this is speaking of lifting up hands as an act of worship or as an act of surrender, since Paul in Acts 17:25 says that God is not worshipped with men's hands.

.2 Peter 3:1 (May.13.2014) | See the warning he gives them in verse 17. Also, look at what he reminds them in verse 17 and in verses 12-13. Likewise, don't wait until minds are dirty to remind them of these things, or to remind yourself of these things.

.2 Peter 3:5 | The verses surrounding this sound like they're speaking to the atheists. Also concerning the words "they willingly are ignorant," look back at what Hosea 4:6 says. If it is a man's will to be ignorant, it is his will to be ignorant, and man has free will, this included. If the atheists' will is to believe that there is no God, then God will not force them to believe otherwise. We already see with Pharaoh (and Moses) how defiant man can be, even in the face of the most telling evidence.

.2 Peter 3:8 | "...a thousand years as one day..." | Genesis 2:17

.2 Peter 3:16 | the word "wrest" here is obviously what the word "wrestle" comes from. See my notes above for verse 5. (May.13.2014) He eventually heeded Paul's admonition. Peter knows because he was one of them.

.2 Peter 3:17 | Don't "fall from your own steadfastness." 2 Peter 1:10 speaks of not falling. Look back at 1:4-10 to see how not to fall from your own steadfastness. (May.13.2014) Remember from 3:1 that Peter is talking, assuming their pure minds.
Day 244: Psalms 135-136; 1 John 1

.Psalms 135:7 (July.18.2012) | This is the same thing said in Jeremiah 10:13, almost verbatim. Here, the word "treasuries" is used, but in Jeremiah, it says "treasures." We make a greater distinction between these words today, but here, they are almost interchangeable. Even with out distinction between the words, they should still be able to be used almost interchangeably, because anything that is in the treasury can be considered a treasure, and any place where a treasure is kept can probably be considered a treasury.

.Psalms 136:2 (July.18.2012) | "For his mercy endureth for ever" is mentioned both here and in Jeremiah 33:11. Remember the book of Psalms is considered poetry. Most people are familiar with rhyme being an element of poetry, but one of the other elements you sometimes find in poetry and song is repetition of a particular phrase, and you see it's done here with a very consistent meter all the way through verse 26. In fact, you could probably take this and go recite it at the next open-mic event you attend. It interests me somewhat that it says "God of gods" here in verse 2. It perhaps could mean the same thing as "Lord of lords," which we are more accustomed to hearing, and is said in verse 3. Perhaps it's referring to the gods spoken of in Jeremiah 10:11 "the gods that have not made the heavens and the earth." I have a few other scriptures in mind, in regard to this, so maybe I'll come back to this later.

.Psalms 136:7 (July.18.2012) | Well, we all know (or should know) who made great lights. It's in Genesis 1:2,14-16. In fact in Genesis 1:16, it uses the same exact term and says "God made two great lights" in reference to the sun and the moon. Yes, it says the moon is a light, which perhaps means that it is more than simply a reflection of the sun, as is the belief of many. This might be something interesting to look into, and by "look into" I don't mean spending billions and trillions of dollars trying to find out. I know we are all told, "it is a fact that the moon does not have it's own light. It only reflects the sun's light." However, there are a couple of questions that this doesn't answer. Not to mention, God said He made two great lights. Now, another thing we might look into is what is considered to be a light, and what is considered to be a "reflection?" My neighbor has a solar light. It gets energy (or a charge) from the sun, then it shines at night by itself. I brought it in my house one night (long story), and it shined in my house, the same as it did outside. A cell phone and a flashlight shine their own light, but without a source of energy (i.e. batteries, solar, kinetic, etc.) they will not shine. I know we are told what the facts are, and people are not allowed to question the accuracy of facts, but there are plenty of times when scientists come back and say "well, there are a few more things we've learned about X, which others before us hadn't yet discovered, and it doesn't work quite the way we once thought it did." For example, the speed of light was taught as a fact, but with new discoveries, what once was called a fact is no longer considered a fact now by scientists. Even theories are often presented as if they are clear and simple facts, so people can feel confident that they understand it (even if they don't), and will no longer question it. Something as simple as your wristwatch is not as simple as you're told. Two weeks ago a leap second was added to the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) by the World timekeepers (whoever they are). This means that the "fact" about how long a second is, was wrong, and there needed to be an adjustment made to keep everything pretty much on track with how long a second is estimated to be. I'm laughing right now, because if one of us had questioned the "fact" that the length of the second was absolutely correct, then we would have been laughed to scorn and mocked. If scientists had figured out everything in the world (and outside of it), then scientists wouldn't have jobs, because there wouldn't be anything else to figure out. And since there are still unknowns, then there are still unknown variables that affect what we think are facts. Now, if the maximum speed of light is now considered an unknown variable, then it was always an unknown variable, even when scientists said they knew for a fact what the maximum speed of light was. So now, every "fact" that is directly related to knowing the maximum speed of light is no longer a "fact," meaning that it was never a fact in the first place. Now, if we have multiple unknown variables (which we usually do), then the possibility is multiplied that our "facts" will later turn out to be wrong. Now God, who created these things, knows the absolute facts because He's not doing His calculations using flawed measurements and unknown variables like us. Therefore, umm... I'm going to go with Romans 3:3-4, "...let God be true, but every man a liar".

.Psalms 136:8 (July.18.2012) | Genesis 1:18

.Psalms 136:8 (July.18.2012) | Genesis 1:18

.1 John 1:1 |
Day 245: Psalms 137-139; 1 John 2

.Psalms 137:7 (July.18.2012) | The definition of the word "rase" is to destroy, destruct, demolish, or tear down to the ground.

.Psalms 138:1 (July.18.2012) | Mark 12:30 ("whole heart")

.Psalms 138:2 (July.18.2012) | As mighty as His Name is, He magnified His Word above His Name.

.Psalms 138:3 (July.18.2012) | highlighted

.Psalms 138:7 (July.18.2012) | Similarly mentioned in Psalms 23:4

.Psalms 139:2-4 (July.18.2012) | Not only does He know our ways, He knows our thoughts as well, better than we know ourselves.

.Psalms 139:8 (July.18.2012) | God reigns in Hell too? I guess He must in order to cast Satan and his angels into the lake of fire.

.Psalms 139:8 (July.18.2012) | anti-abortion

.Psalms 139:14 (July.18.2012) | highlighted "fearfully and wonderfully made"

.Psalms 139:15-16 (July.18.2012) | highlighted

.Psalms 139:20 (July.18.2012) | If you're not His enemy, then don't take His name in vain. I can only reasonably conclude that you must be His enemy if you do.

.Psalms 139:21-22 (July.18.2012) | Matthew 5:43-44

.Psalms 139:23 (July.18.2012) | Jeremiah 17:10

.Psalms 139:24 (July.18.2012) | Psalms 32:8

.1 John 2:1 (July.18.2012) | Jesus Christ is our advocate.

.1 John 2:2 (July.18.2012) | "Our sins" must mean those people he's speaking to there, and "the whole world," meaning believers all over the world. "The whole world" would not likely include those who reject Him as well, since we are told that they, dying without Him, do not inherit the kingdom of God (Ephesians 5:5-6).

.1 John 2:4 (July.18.2012) | In our time, there are many people who blatantly live sinfully, and even embrace their sinful way of living, and refuse to repent, and still try to claim they know God and are one with Christ. Ephesians 4:19-24.

.1 John 2:5 (July.18.2012) | 1 John 1:6 and 4:20; Ephesians 4:18

.1 John 2:12 (July.18.2012) | highlighted, but keeping this in context with verse 13 also.

.1 John 2:13 (July.18.2012) | Of course, this is not saying that everyone who is a father or young man knows God. He's speaking to the ones who do, and among them are fathers, young men, and children, and that is who he is writing to. It's interesting that he says at the end of this verse, "I write unto you, little children, because ye have known the Father." It almost sounds as if they knew God before being born. Perhaps while still in the womb they knew God, or God created their soul before their flesh, not necessarily having any life before this one, but having time with God before being exposed to this world, not reincarnation. Remembering how John the Baptist, while still in the womb, had the Holy Spirit and responded to Jesus, who was just conceived in the womb, it appears that babies in the womb are capable of having some type of relationship or recognition of God. And we know (Luke 2:26; Matthew 16:17) that there are some things that flesh and blood doesn't reveal to man, meaning that we don't have to have another person in the flesh teach us everything. There are some things the Spirit teaches, and the Holy Spirit does not need to wait until babies come out of the womb to have access to them. In Psalm 139:13, the psalmist says God covered him in his mother's womb. This sounds pretty anti-abortion to me.

.1 John 2:15-16 (July.18.2012) | Yes, this includes the love of money as well. But according to this, it's not just money that we shouldn't love.

.1 John 2:18 (July.18.2012) | Apparently, there is a singular antichrist, although there are also many people as well who are antichrists, being against Christ.

.1 John 2:19 (July.18.2012) | 1 John 1:7; Hebrews 10:25

.1 John 2:20 (July.18.2012) | Read down in verse 27, and also read what Ephesians 4:21 says about hearing and being taught by Christ.

.1 John 2:22 (July.18.2012) | Whether you believe it's a lie or not, it's a lie to deny that Jesus is the Christ. It does not just say that Christ inhabits Jesus, but that Jesus Himself is the Christ.

.1 John 2:27 (July.18.2012) | Read verse 20 again, and read also Ephesians 4:21. I can't tell you how many answers I've gotten and how much I've learned by simply asking Jesus for answers and understanding.
Day 246: Psalms 140-142; 1 John 3

.Psalms 140:5 (July.22.2012) | I haven't found out what this word "gins" means yet, but it's used also in 141:9.

.Psalms 141:1 (July.22.2012) | 145:19 says God will hear the cry of them that fear Him, and save them.

.Psalms 141:5 (July.22.2012) | It sounds like he's asking for correction. There's nothing wrong with that. It's better to stand corrected than to stand incorrectly.

.Psalms 141:9 (July.22.2012) | I haven't found out what this word "gins" means yet, but it's used also in 140:5.

.1 John 3:1 (July.22.2012) | Read verse 13 with this, concerning the world dealing with us as they would treat Christ. Although we are called the sons of God, Jesus is the only begotten son of God.

.1 John 3:2 (July.22.2012) | Two times I can think of that we can see Him as He is, is at His return, and in heaven.

.1 John 3:4 (July.22.2012) | Highlighted. Also underlined "sin is the transgression of the law." Although this verse sounds like a very simple statement at first, it appears to me to be a very complex thing to understand. I haven't yet grasped the complete understanding of this yet, but I've almost got it, and what I do understand of it, I don't yet know how to explain it in words. When reading this, we need to take into account Galatians 2:18 and also understand that Christ fulfilled the law. In Galatians 2:18, we see that Paul says if he builds again the things which he destroyed, he makes himself a transgressor. That gives us somewhat of a biblical definition of what transgression is; building again that which is destroyed or likewise.

.1 John 3:5 (July.22.2012) | It's interesting to note that this says Christ was "manifested" to take away our sins. This sounds like He was always there, but was just not manifested. He was not in a form that allowed us to see Him and interact with Him as we do with others, but remember that when Jesus was questioned about His age, He replied "before Abraham was, I am." Read 1 Corinthians 3:5 that says Christ was with the people in the Old Testament.

.1 John 3:6 (July.22.2012) | Highlighted "whosoever sinneth hat not seen him, neither known him." We know that John is saying something more than just someone visual seeing Him, because Judas saw Him, and the guards that beat Him and hung Him saw Him, visually.

.1 John 3:7 (July.22.2012) | There are some who call others "self-righteous." To be truthful, those Christians who are righteous (it is not a sin to be righteous) are not righteous because of themselves, neither claim to be, but are righteous because of Christ's righteousness. When it says here that "he that doeth righteousness is righteous" it is speaking of evidence, not earning. In other words, the person doing righteousness, does it because they are righteous inside; they are not righteous because they did righteousness. For example, Satan is not righteous. Satan cannot become righteous by doing something righteous (if possible). I say "if possible" because if Satan sees you scrape your knee, and he picks you up off of the ground, his motive is not going to be righteous although his action looks like it is. He'd be saying "see, I picked you up off the ground. I just proved to you that I'm nicer than God. I'm better for you than God is." So him picking you up off of the ground, couldn't really be considered as him doing something righteous.

.1 John 3:9 (July.22.2012) | highlighted "doth not commit sin" and "he cannot sin". When it says "he cannot sin" it is apparently speaking of Jesus, being that Jesus in referred to as the seed, and was born of God. This, speaking of Jesus, however, in a sense also speaks of us in Christ as we see in Galatians 3:29 and 3:16. This is not a shallow verse either, and not a discussion that should stop here.

.1 John 3:10 (July.22.2012) | Tie this in with 1 John 4:20.

.1 John 3:12 (July.22.2012) | Genesis 4:5,8

.1 John 3:13 (July.22.2012) | 1 John 3:1; John 15:17-21

.1 John 3:14 (July.22.2012) | This says he abides in death, because loving God is tied to loving your brother. Remember Luke 14:26, however, this would not seem to necessarily apply to biological family outside of Christ.

.1 John 3:15 (July.22.2012) | 3:24 talks about Jesus Christ abiding in us, and Matthew 5:21-22 talks about being a murderer, hating your brother without a cause.

.1 John 3:16 (July.22.2012) | It shouldn't be too hard to remember that 1 John 3:16 goes with John 3:16. Another example of someone (sort of) laying down their life for their brother is found in Genesis 44:33 where one of Joseph's brothers who had once hated and sold him (their little brother) into slavery, does something different and now has himself kept hostage while sending his new little brother (Benjamin) back to his parents.

.1 John 3:16 (July.22.2012) | "...whoso hath this world's good..."

.1 John 3:18 (July.22.2012) | highlighted

.1 John 3:22 (July.22.2012) | I underlined the word "because" here, where it says "And whatsoever we ask we receive of him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight." There are many people who don't do His commandments, nor do pleasing things in His sight, and then get mad at Him when they don't get what they ask. We can sometimes forget this scripture when we tell people that God will answer their prayers, just as He will answer any of ours, but there is a great possibility or probability that people know what they are talking about when they say "I feel like God doesn't hear my prayers." This means that people may actually need obedient believers to pray for them. Read also 1 John 5:14 with this verse, and Psalms 143:1. 1 John 3:22 should also be remembered while reading Philippians 4:6. 1 Peter 3:12 also relates to this. Isaiah 59:2.

.1 John 3:24 (July.22.2012) | Read verse 15 along with this verse. This speaks of Jesus Christ abiding in us, and verse 15 speaks of eternal life abiding (or not abiding) in certain people. Also remember that Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life" in John 14:6.
Day 247: Psalms 143-145; 1 John 4

.Psalms 143:1 (July.23.2012) | In 1 John 3:22, John mentions that we receive whatsoever we ask of God because we keep His commandments and do the things that please Him. This asking of God is what supplications are. We see this term used again in Philippians 4:6. Psalms 143 is filled with supplications.

.Psalms 143:8 (July.23.2012) | "cause me to know the way wherein I should walk" goes well with Proverbs 16:9, which says "A man's heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps."

.Psalms 143:9 (July.23.2012) | Jesus says something similar in His model prayer in Matthew 6:13, "deliver us from evil".

.Psalms 143:10 (July.23.2012) | Ephesians 4:21 says that we are taught by Jesus.

.Psalms 143:11 (July.23.2012) | The greater answer to this is the providing of a saviour, being that our real enemy is spiritual. It does sound as if the psalmist may have been speaking of a more physical enemy that he was dealing with however, and God has shown Himself to be faithful in delivering from those enemies as well where He sees fit.

.Psalms 144:1 (July.23.2012) | Im pretty confident in saying that hes not talking bout thumb wrestling here.

.Psalms 144:2 (July.23.2012) | Oh my God = Oh my Goodness (OMG). Remember, as Jesus said in the New Testament, there is none good but God, so saying "Oh my goodness" really is the same thing as saying "Oh my God," and some of the other variations of that phrase as well. So if you start talking to someone about God after they say this, and they look at you funny, you can remind them that they are the one's who brought up the subject; likewise when people say "Jesus Christ!" And if they don't want to talk about Him, then maybe they'll learn to stop bringing up His name so much.

.Psalms 144:7-8 (July.23.2012) | "strange children" - I don't know if by "children" he means offspring, or little children, but we do know that some little children can be very cruel, seen both in the Bible and all around us.

.Psalms 144:12 (July.23.2012) | When I see him say "as plants grown up in their youth" the term grown-up stands out. Up until around the 1920's, there were no such term as teenagers. In one's later years before age 20, one was considered an adult in many respects, and began to behave as an adult and take on the responsibilities of an adult. Nowadays, many teens are taught (some by parents, some by society) that their teens are a time for having fun and playing video games and being irresponsible, which brings about all sorts of other problems, both for them and their parents, which I may address further later on. Also mentioned in this verse is that the daughters may be as corner stones. A corner stone is a very significant piece. Jesus Himself was called the chief corner stone. The daughters have a very important role to play as well, and should be prepared adequately to do so, realizing that a corner stone, unlike a capstone, is a supporting position. Read Proverbs 31.

.Psalms 144:15 (July.23.2012) | Not just joy, but happiness also.

.Psalms 145:1 (July.23.2012) | see verse 21, and also remember Matthew 6:13

.Psalms 145:4 (July.23.2012) | Teach the children to know better.

.Psalms 145:8 (July.23.2012) | Notice this says "slow" to anger. It doesn't say He never gets there eventually, so beware. This slow to anger thing fools a lot of fools, because they think they are getting away with their sinful ways, and that God will not or cannot do anything about it. Eventually, they begin to think He doesn't even exist. Then they get even more bold in their sins, make a lifestyle of sin, and then get so fearless and disrespectful of God that they teach other generations to do the same, and no longer repent for their wrongdoing. They think God will not do anything, that He is a pushover, or a joke. They further confirm their true nature and destroy whatever chance they once had at appealing to God. They are accustomed to dealing with man, who acts out in haste and forget that God has all more than of the time in the world, if He chooses to wait and reserve judgement. Then they mistake God's choice to wait as an obligation to wait, when He is free to pour out His wrath after the first offense if He chooses.

.Psalms 145:9 (July.23.2012) | "The Lord is good to all". Yes He is. Even those who I mentioned in verse 8, who may feel His wrath, He is good to them too, and they usually get plenty mercy from Him too until that time.

.Psalms 145:10 (July.23.2012) | "All thy works" including us. We are His workmanship (Ephesians 2:10) and are to praise Him.

.Psalms 145:11 (July.23.2012) | Ephesians 6:16 and Romans 10:17.

.Psalms 145:19 (July.23.2012) | Psalms 141:1

.Psalms 145:20 (July.23.2012) | Romans 8:28

.Psalms 145:21 (July.23.2012) | As said in verse 2.

.1 John 4:1 (July.23.2012) | "believe not every spirit. Ask "who is the Lord?" and "who is your lord?"

.1 John 4:2 (July.23.2012) | "Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:". Notice it does not just say "Jesus" and does not just say "Christ," but "Jesus Christ." There are plenty people who say that Jesus came in the flesh, who don't consider Him to be the Christ. And there are some who say the Christ came and entered into His flesh, but not that the Christ came in the flesh, or that the Christ is Jesus; and many other variations. Also realize that confessing is not just saying some words, but revealing something from within. Read also 1 John 5:1 and Romans 8:16.

.1 John 4:3 (July.23.2012) | These are antichrists as also said in 2 John 7. Notice this doesn't just say "Jesus" but "Jesus Christ" and also that it doesn't say those who say Jesus didn't come in the flesh, but those who don't say that He did. In other words, the people who try to avoid the subject altogether and have nothing to say about Jesus Christ are also numbered among these. Some think that if they don't say anything, then they can't be judged for saying the wrong thing, but it doesn't work like that. There is no fifth amendment to plead, in regard to confessing Christ. You are either with Him or against Him. You don't have the right to remain silent. In regard to confessing the Lord Jesus Christ, if you remain silent, it will be held against you.

.1 John 4: (many more notes on 1 John 4) |
Day 248: Psalms 146-147; 1 John 5

.1 John 5:7-8 (Aug.10.2012) | Generally speaking, these two verses are the first verses you should turn to in order to see what type of Bible you're reading. Yes, there are different types of Bibles that are compiled from different sources. Because I know many of them do not contain the full text that is written here, I'll write it out here, so you can read it and compare, and also explain why I find this to be the correct original (understanding that we know the original was not in English).
7) For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.
8) And there are three that bear witness in earth, the spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one.
Currently, I have three main reasons why I believe this is what was truly written here, and not what's found in other Bibles. What I just quoted is from what's commonly called the "King James Version (KJV)" or "King James Bible (KJB)" (which is not a term actually found in the scriptures).
1. The length of these two verses in the KJV are consistent with the length of the rest of the verses in this chapter, (May.13.2014) and all of the chapters in this letter of John, as well as the next two letters of John (1 John, 2 John, and 3 John).
2. Some of the other versions claim that their source is the original, and that the KJV uses a faulty source. I find that to be a false claim, because those Bible versions that make that claim, base their numbering on the KJV which they claim is faulty. This appears to me that they used the KJV as one of their primary sources, which is a problem because if you claim that it is faulty, then your scripture numbering would not be based on it. We know it is based on it, because there are many places in those other versions where they are missing verse numbers where verses have been removed. I went to a bookstore one day, pulled out about 17 different versions, sat down at a table and thumbed through each version and marked the differences. Here in 1 John 5:7-8, most or all other versions remove a huge amount of text, and then add the two verses together and present it as one verse, called 7-8. Some versions change the wording drastically, and some, like the NIV, reduce verse 7 down to six words "For there are three that testify." Some add the rest of the text down in the footnotes, some don't. Many of the other versions also are missing complete verses in other parts of the Bible as well. For example, the NIV does not have a verse 21 in Chapter 17 of the book of Matthew. It skips from verse 20 to 22. It is even numbered like that. The CEV deceptively claims to have a verse 21, but the actual text is missing. Here are some pictures of Matthew 17:21 from three different versions to help show what I'm talking about: (KJV ) (NIV ) (CEV ) -click each photo. There is absolutely no mention of prayer and fasting here in the NIV (New International Version) or the CEV (Contemporary English Version). Okay now, if the NIV was really correct, and the source they translated it from was really correct, then it would have different numbering. Verse 22 would be called verse 21, instead of 21 being missing, with the numbering skipping from 20 to 22. If the NIV translators / transliterators were claiming that the KJV was wrong, and claiming that the KJV added verses, then they wouldn't be using the KJV's numbering. Verse 22 in the KJV would be called verse 21 in the NIV. The Contemporary English Version takes a more deceptive approach by removing verse 21, and renaming verse 20 as "20-21" to make you think that it includes verse 21, but when you compare, you see that all of the text from 21 has been completely removed. You think that you're reading both verses together, but you're only reading one verse. Again, if this were correct, they wouldn't see a need to do things like that. The KJV would just end up having higher scriptures numbers if it added scriptures, and have to explain why it has a higher number of scriptures than the other versions. But that's not what happened. Matthew 17 ends with verse 27 in all of the versions, instead of the KJV ending in verse 28.
3. The text here in the KJV agrees with all other scriptures in the Bible. This is about the content of the scriptures. I intend to share more of my notes on this passage later.
My story of Bible versions: Earlier in my life, I didn't hold any position about which Bible translations were correct and which ones weren't, and I had no plans of ever taking any position on the issue, because I thought any argument would be based on nothing other than someone's opinion and speculation against someone else's opinion and speculation. I thought that it was not likely that there was any obvious answer, only opinions; opinions that would do nothing more than cause pointless arguments and divisions, which I despise. I also thought I did not have access to the information necessary to figure out which Bible versions were true or false, or which ones were more accurate. So I did not seek it out (although I probably should have). In my teens, I studied the NIV for a few years because that's all I had. Then I received a King James Version as a college gift, and read that in a year. Comparing verses between each, I noticed a few differences, but tried to rationalize that it said the same thing in both versions until my English comprehension skills got the best of me and I finally had to admit to myself that they do not say the same thing. So I tried to just jot down a little note in my Bibles of the differences I found and then move on. That didn't work for too long. I began to notice so many differences in so many verses that I knew it would be impossible for me to keep notating these differences. I began to notice that things in the NIV were stated incorrectly, such as John 3:16, which the NIV says "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son," instead of saying "only begotten son" as the King James Version says. I knew the NIV stated it wrong because Jesus is not God's one and only son, because even in the NIV it says we are children of God (KJV "sons of God"), and in Genesis 6:2 both versions say "sons of God." I began to see that the NIV is even inconsistent with itself. So I quietly put it down. Later, I found out that it was missing complete verses; important verses. As I researched, I learned, as others pointed out, that there was a pattern, and that the changed and missing verses presented a different picture of who Jesus is and why He came. Things I thought I would never learn became painfully obvious. I say "painfully" because to see such things done to God's Word and see God's people lack knowledge of it, is to witness a tragedy. From reading Revelation 22:18, I always knew there was something wrong with there being so many versions, but I didn't know how big the problem was (how many versions) and the dangers and consequences they presented. Learning, we must embrace the truth, not neglect it. Seek and ye shall find. From what I hear, there are thousands of translations, and I'm not familiar with all of them, so I don't say "KJV only," but I'm no longer willing to overlook the perversion in the multitude of modern day popular Bibles that has become obvious to me.
Day 249: Psalms 148-150; 2 John 1

.Psalms 148:3 (Aug.30.2012) | Looking at Psalm 147:4, we see that He does indeed have a relationship with the stars, not too different from His relationship with us, in that we are to praise Him also, and He knows how many of us there are and calls us by name.

.Psalms 148:4 (Aug.30.2012) | As the verse before, this verse also appears to be speaking of outer space, beyond the earth's atmosphere, being that one use of the word "heavens" refers to our air and upper atmosphere. So yes, there is water out there. It says it here in the Bible, but I believe it is perhaps during our lifetime that scientists confirm (as if God needs them to confirm) that yes, there is water in outer space.

.Psalms 148:6 (Aug.30.2012) | This decree that shall not pass that God made may be the way in which the universe must work, and may include our laws of nature here on earth as well, which would include the definition of definition, that is, the defining of the thing which allows other things to be distinctly defined. Remember Genesis 1:2 says "the earth was once without form."

.Psalms 148:7 (Aug.30.2012) | Dragons are mentioned here, and that they were also to praise the Lord. The interesting thing here is that the writer says for the dragons to "praise the Lord from the earth." It's not like the dragons will read this and understand, but we can look and see that he says this in present tense (his present tense), telling us that as far as he was aware, there were dragons on/in the earth during his time. I can't say yet whether his awareness is limited to his own perceptions or if it includes spiritual revelation. This is not the only place, however, where dragons are mentioned. The word "deeps" here almost surely refers to oceans, but I suspect may also refer to other things considered deep, such as the water underneath the land, lava, and perhaps the earth's layers also down to the core.

.Psalms 148:9 (Aug.30.2012) | Speaking of fruitful trees, remember Mark 11:20 and John 15:2.

.Psalms 148:11-13 (Aug.30.2012) | This appears to say something very different than "separation of church and state." It says here that Kings of the earth, all the people, princes, and yes, even judges are supposed to praise the name of the Lord, which goes beyond being agnostic. Agnostics do not claim to know who the "higher power" is but believe that someone or something greater is there, but do not praise His name. In 2 John:7, which we also read today, we see that those who do not now confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh are deceivers and antichrists. A person doesn't need to be blatantly antagonistic against Christ, but can simple be passive, taking no position. I believe God is reasonable and gives people time to learn to believe, but not to remain in a complacent state of agnosticism (being unsure about what/who God is), and should definitely not praise such agnosticism, claiming that it is impossible for anyone to know who God is. Seek and ye shall find.

.Psalms 149:6-8 (Aug.30.2012) | This speaks not of spiritual, but of physical things. We would be wise to remember that in the New Testament that Lord says that vengeance is His and that He will repay.

.Psalms 150:6 (Aug.30.2012) | Deuteronomy 20:16-18, also mentions things that have breath, but for a very different reason.

.2 John 1:2 (Aug.30.2012) | Since there is only one chapter in 2 John, you may also see 2 John 1:2 written as 2 John 2, because it's not necessarily necessary to specify which chapter is being referenced. (p.s. I can say "necessarily necessary" if I want to, thank you very much.) Okay now, after all that, all I was going to mention was that Psalms 115:1 also mentions "truth's sake," meaning the reason something is done, for the sake of the truth. And being that Christ is the truth, I'd say it's pretty much the same as saying "for Christ's sake," ignoring that fact that non-believers tend to (wrongly) use that term more like it's a curse word.

.2 John 1:7 (Aug.30.2012) | As I just wrote in my notes for Psalms 148:11-13, these deceivers and antichrists are not only referring to those who are blatantly antagonistic against Christ, but who are passive, and do not confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. Notice also that this says "Jesus Christ," not simply "Jesus," because there are many who say that Jesus came in the flesh, but they do not say that He is the Christ. They say He's just another great man that once walked the earth. To claim ignorance and to willingly remain in that ignorance, not willing to recognize the truth of Christ, is counted as being a deceiver and an antichrist. Although the person is not actively denying Jesus Christ, they are still passively denying Jesus Christ, but at the end of the day, they are still denying Jesus Christ. They have been sold that lie that the best position to take, in regard to Christ, is to not take any position at all. But of course, that is, itself a position. It is a similar description of being lukewarm, which God says He'll spew out of His mouth (Revelation 3:16). He would rather us be hot or cold. You can remember the verse Revelation 3:16, when you think of John 3:16, which is a key scripture that professes that Jesus Christ, the son of God, is come in the flesh. 1 John 4:3 also says "every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist..." Of course, God is understanding that a person needs a moment to come to understand the truth of Christ, but that is different than the person who is happy and content with not knowing, or perhaps the person who would rather not know. Seek and ye shall find.

.2 John 1:9 (Aug.30.2012) | The word "trangresseth" used here, speaks of a person who did truly abide in the doctrine of Christ once, but does not anymore. To transgress is like to go backward, or to rebuild a thing which was torn down, or in this case, to leave a good state that one was in. I've heard some people say that if someone doesn't believe in Christ, that they have never truly believed, but that is not consistent with what is being said here in this verse. This verse tells us that it is possible to abide in Christ (or in the doctrine of Christ), and then to turn away, and have not God; and there are other scripture besides this one that point to such possibility, but I don't intend to list them out here. 1 John 3:4 (1 John 5:17) speaks more about transgression and sin. You can learn more about this word by looking in a concordance for the words "transgress," "transgresseth," "transgressest," "transgression" etc. Jude 1:5-7 speaks about the children of Israel who He saved out of the land of Egypt, but then destroyed them afterward because of their unbelief, and also of the angels who were cast down with Satan (a third of the angels in heaven). Jude 21 says "Keep yourselves in the love of God," because it is possible to not keep yourself in the love of God.

.2 John 1:10 (Aug.30.2012) | "If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed:" What doctrine? The doctrine of Christ. In the previous verse it says "He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son." Concerning those who do not abide in the doctrine of Christ, this verse also says not to even bid them God speed."

.2 John 1:11 (Aug.30.2012) | How is bidding someone "God speed" being a partaker of their evil deeds? Merriam-Webster defines God speed (also written as one word, "Godspeed") as bidding someone to have a prosperous journey, or desiring for them to have success in the thing they do. Why would you want someone to find success in denying Christ or ignoring the truth of Christ? That would only encourage them to remain in their unbelief. That would not ultimately help them.
Day 250: Proverbs 1-2; 3 John 1

.Proverbs 1:1 (Sep.2.2012) | This tells who's words these are. They may not all be scribbled by his own hand, but it says here that they are his words. These proverbs here at the beginning at least are his. It does not say that the whole book of Proverbs is necessarily Solomon's although it may be so, seeing that Chapter 25 also starts out saying these are also the proverbs of Solomon. However, in 25:1, it says who's copying out the proverbs.

.Proverbs 1:2-4 (Sep.2.2012) | This tells the reason that these proverbs are written. I say the best literature was written for a reason, and not just literature.

.Proverbs 1:3 (Sep.2.2012) | Some of the reasons Proverbs is written are "judgment and equity," which we see mentioned in 2:9. In the King James version, which I'm using, the word "judgment" is spelled with one "e," but nowadays you may see it written as either "judgment" or "judgement." Neither spelling is considered incorrect.

.Proverbs 1:4 (Sep.2.2012) | One of the reasons Proverbs is written is to give knowledge and discretion to the young man. Sadly, not much is written for young men today in regard to such things going on today. Thankfully, this knowledge and discretion that is taught here in Proverbs is still excellent advice for young men today. It is good advice for those who are raised by both parents, but especially good advice for those raised by one parent or without parents, because it teaches vital lessons that may otherwise go untaught. We should note, however, that this is not only written for young men. Although the writer says this offers knowledge and discretion to young men, it is not excluding others, but saying what young men may gain from this. Others may gain that also, or other vital things from Proverbs, it just does not mention those groups specifically here. In 2:11, we see that it says that "discretion shall preserve thee." From this, we can conclude that it is particularly important to the composers of Proverbs that the young men be preserved. We tend to think of it as necessary to preserve the young women, but it is equally important, if not moreso to preserve the young men, because by preserving the young men, the young women will be benefited with preservation also. Not only will the young men not hinder the young women from remaining preserved (in whatever sense of the word we speak), but the discrete young men will also actively help and encourage the young women to remain preserved.

.Proverbs 1:7 (Sep.2.2012) | It says here that fools despise wisdom and instruction. In Matthew 5:22, Jesus says whoever says "thou fool" shall be in danger of the hellfire. However, Matthew 5:22 in two instances before refers to how one deals with one's brother, which would be understood to mean a brother in Christ. So it appears that what is said to be wrong is to call a brother in Christ a fool. Why? Because in Psalms 14:1, David, Solomon's dad says "The fool hath said in his heart 'There is no God.'" Calling a believer a fool, could in some way, insinuate that what the believer believes is foolishness. Proverbs 1:7 here specifically mentions the contrast between fearing the Lord and being a fool who despises wisdom and instruction.

.Proverbs 1:9 (Sep.2.2012) | Okay rappers, forget the diamonds and gold chains, if you want to impress me, rap about having these chains around your neck.

.Proverbs 1:10 (Sep.2.2012) | There are some who are pulled into things without their consent, but that's not what's being spoken of here. This is talking about being enticed, and consenting, not forced; enticed as it speaks of in James 1:14, saying "every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed." Do not give in to any temptation to run with sinners.

.Proverbs 1:10-16 (Sep.2.2012) | This sounds like it's speaking of gangs, which do not give any regard to "age of consent" laws.

.Proverbs 1:11 (Sep.2.2012) | This lurking privily for the innocent without cause is commonly said to be a part of gang initiation, where one targets the innocent in attempt to prove themselves to be evil and worthy of acceptance by the group. Instead of that, I say prove yourselves to God, that you desire not to be evil, and preserve yourselves from destruction.

.Proverbs 1:14 (Sep.2.2012) | Many gangs and cults require this, that one give over their belongings, or material possessions to be used to strengthen the group. However, this is not only material, but spiritual as well. You better believe that you are also giving up possession of your spiritual gifts that the Lord has for you. It may not be mentioned, but in joining with evil, you are severing your ties with good. Don't expect to receive any spiritual benefits from God, including His protection.

.Proverbs 1:17 (Sep.2.2012) | This proverb is being told so these young birds can see the trap being set for them and know better than to fall for it, but so many young men do fall because they are neglected of this proverb.

.Proverbs 1:22 (Sep.2.2012) | (highlighted)

.Proverbs 1:22 (Sep.2.2012) | (highlighted)

.Proverbs 1:28 (Sep.2.2012) | Don't wait. Call on the Lord now while you still have time. There may come a time when you try to call on Him and it's too late.

.Proverbs 1:31 (Sep.2.2012) | This is not a good thing. This is not good fruit here.

.Proverbs 1:33 (Sep.2.2012) | "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." -2 Timothy 1:7

.Proverbs 2:1-11 (Sep.2.2012) | (highlighted)

.Proverbs 2:4-5 (Sep.2.2012) | It takes some type of effort to gain understanding and knowledge. You can't expect it to just be poured onto you. Verse 4 says to seek knowledge and understanding and search for it as if it's silver and hidden treasure. Now there are many treasures that you will not find, no matter how hard you seek, but this is one treasure that you will find if you seek it. But of course, in order to seek anything with any effort, you must first realize within yourself that it is worth searching for. You have to believe that what you are seeking has some serious value in order to put forth any serious effort to find. Read the rest of chapter 2 here to understand what some of the value is; especially verses 11-18.

.Proverbs 2:9 (Sep.2.2012) | Remember in 1:3 we're told that this justice and equity is part of the reason this book of proverbs was put together.

.Proverbs 2:11 (Sep.2.2012) | Remember in 1:3 we're told that this discretion is part of the reason this book of proverbs was put together. Read also Ephesians 4:13-14 to see a clearer picture of where we must aspire to be.

.Proverbs 2:16 (Sep.2.2012) | This is tied to verse 11. Parents, you have to teach your children this also, not just the girls to beware of strange men who may lead them astray, but also teaching your boys to beware of strange women who may flatter them and lead them toward the paths to death and destruction. And remember, this is not just talking about sexually transmitted diseases, because there's no speak of that here. There are other eternal dangers unseen that are far worse than some fleshly disease.

.Proverbs 2:18 (Sep.2.2012) | Remember what James says: "when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death" (James 1:15). If this hasn't been made plain enough for you, Proverbs 7:27 tells you bluntly "Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death." We must teach, not only our young women to guard their bodies and virtue, but also our young men to guard their souls. (May.14.2014; written May.24.2013) And now we must not only be concerned with staying away from her street address, but also staying away from her website address.

.Proverbs 2:19 (Sep.2.2012) | WARNING! DON'T GO.

.Proverbs 2:22 (Sep.2.2012) |

.3 John 1:1 (Sep.2.2012) | This is written to Gaius, one of the people Paul baptized, which he mentions in 1 Corinthians 1:14.

.3 John 1:6 (Sep.2.2012) | Remember, in the bible, charity does not mean simply giving material contributions. It means love.

.3 John 1:9-14 (Sep.2.2012) | He's telling Gaius what he wrote to the church. Verses 9-14 may be all together, what he wrote to the church. Since there are no quotation marks, it's hard to tell in verse 13 if he is switching back to speaking to Gaius or if this is included in what he actually wrote to the church. It sounds to me that he wrote this to the church, also since he says "thee" in verse 14, which I believe is often used to signify an audience of more than one.

.3 John 1:9 (Sep.2.2012) | Sounds like Diotrephes is acting up in the church and possibly the inspiration for 1 John 4. Sounds very much like old Diotrephes didn't love the brethren and didn't know God.

.3 John 1:11 (Sep.2.2012) | Although Diotrephes is apparently in a leadership position, they are told not to follow him. Also take note here how he uses the term "hath not seen God." It doesn't sound at all like he's referring to physically seeing God.

.3 John 1:12 (Sep.2.2012) | Seems he suggests Demetrius as an alternative for the people to follow instead of Diotrephes.
Day 251: Proverbs 3-5; Jude 1

.Jude 1-3 (Jun.15.2014) | Denominationalism and division aside, Jude speaks of "the common salvation," writing to the sanctified in Christ.

.Jude 4 (Jun.15.2014) | Unbelievers, even during these early times, snuck into the ministry and got ordained like today. 3 John 9-10.

.Jude 5 (Jun.15.2014) | 2 John 9-11

.Jude 6 (Jun.15.2014) | Notice that it says the angels "left" their own habitation. God didn't turn from them; they turned from Him. Notice here that it says "everlasting chains," letting us know that damnation is forever. Also, verse 7 ends by mentioning "eternal fire."

.Jude 7 (Jun.15.2014) | This is the main reason for their destruction. Notice that this verse ends saying their judgement for this is "eternal fire." Judgement is eternal and there is fire. It doesn't say you go to sleep or cease to exist. And it's not like a prison sentence, which eventually comes to an end, either by serving one's time or being executed. There is no end to this. It is eternal suffering, and it is not worth any temporary pleasure. This verse refers back to around Genesis 19:5. Jude 13 also mentions "the blackness of darkness for ever. On the contrary, Jude 21 speaks of eternal life for us who keep ourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. And it is by His grace and mercy, the righteousness of Christ, and my determination, not arrogance, that I include myself and say us.

.Jude 8 (Jun.15.2014) | Here, they are called "filthy dreamers," which is an accurate description, because one must be a dreamer to think one will end up with a good result from opposing God's dominion.

.Proverbs 3:1 | breastplate of righteousness (Eph. 6:14)

.Proverbs 3:4 | (Note to self: I have "Eph 6" noted at the end of verse 4 or the beginning of verse 5, not sure why.)

.Proverbs 3:5 | "...all..." It says trust in the Lord with all thine heart; not some or most of thy heart. The next sentence is very important for us in this time. "Lean not unto thine own understanding." This means we're going to have to learn to listen to God more, and spend a little less time trying figure things out on our own. Learning to listen to God may take some time, but so do most things in life. And it doesn't even say not to lean on understanding, but not to lean on your OWN understanding. Proverbs 4:7 speaks about getting wisdom, and says "...get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding." Proverbs 3:13 also speaks about getting understanding along with wisdom.

.Proverbs 3:6 | "...all..."

.Proverbs 3:9 | "...all..." | Genesis 4:4;

.Proverbs 3:16 | 8:18; 11:16; 22:4; We must consider also before verse 16 that verse 14-15 gives us the clear idea that her (wisdom or understanding) riches is not a material wealth such as fine gold, silver or rubies, but more precious.

.Proverbs 3:24 | Psalm 27:1

.Proverbs 3:25-26 | Do not fear fear (do not be afraid of fear). Also, don't be afraid of the desolation of the wicked when it comes. The wicked are numerous, and are running a lot of things in society. When you see their desolation, therefore, it may look like everything is collapsing, so naturally you'll be tempted to think that you'll be desolate too. But verse 26 says that's not so if you're in the Lord (regard the previous verses here in chapter 3). | Daniel 12:11

.Proverbs 4:7 | The scripture I was referencing back in 3:5 and 3:13. This is not worldly wisdom and understanding, but that which comes from God, which you are to seek.

.Proverbs 4:14-19 | "Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men. Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and pass away..."

.Proverbs 4:26-27 | We have freedom and the Lord's given strength, but we also have to be wise about where we go.

.Proverbs 5:3-6 | Brothers, I just wanted to highlight this for you all.

.Proverbs 5:8-10 | This goes for internet portals too, not just physical doors. When you start to see those strange looking links starting to pop up and you see some signs that you're approaching the wrong part of town, turn around and go the other way. It says don't even come near the door. Don't mess around and end up like a deer in headlights talking about "oh, look at the big pretty lights coming to greet me." Stay away from the road. Stay away from the road.

.Proverbs 5:11 | This sounds like it's talking about an STD.

.Proverbs 5:18-19 | The keyword here of course is wife. For the rest of the passage, I'm not going to get myself in trouble by trying to get my words right here, but I'll at least point out that God was aware of what He was making when He made our body parts, and that within marriage the body was made for enjoyment, not just for baby factory functionality. After we finish Proverbs, we go to Ecclesiastes, then Song of Solomon, which will teach another one of these lessons.

.Proverbs 5:20 | Cut it out. Stay away from those strangers. Proverbs 5:11
Day 252: Proverbs 6-7; Revelation 1

.Proverbs 6:6-11 | 22:29; Ecclesiastes 10:18

.Proverbs 6:20-22 | 7:1-3

.Proverbs 6:30 | "Men do not despise a thief, if he steal to satisfy his soul when he is hungry;" | Notice there's no comma after "men" such as you see in 7:1. So the writer is not telling men not to despise the hungry thief, but he's saying that men don't despise the hungry thief. Neither is he justifying it and saying that it's okay to steal if hungry. He's simply stating how people may or may not view that thief.

.Proverbs 7:1-3 | 6:20-22

.Proverbs 7:19 | It's possible that there was no goodman (husband) at her house and that she was lying. Or maybe there was a husband at her house that went on a long journey (somebody else's husband who went on a long journey back to his own wife).

.Proverbs 7:27 | 4:5; 9:18

.Revelation 1:1 | 22:16

.Revelation 1:4 | 1:11; 1:20 (the "spirits" here may be referring to the "angels")

.Revelation 1:7 | Col. 3:3-4; 1 Thes 4:17; Mark 13:26

.Revelation 1:11 | "I Am the Alpha and Omega" (3:21); "seven churches" (1:20); "which are in Asia" (2 Tim 1:15); "Ephesus" (Eph 1:1)

.Revelation 1:12 | Matt 5:15

.Revelation 1:13-14 | "seven candlesticks" (1:20); "the son of man" ( son of God 2:18); "his eyes were as a flame of fire" 2:18 tells us that this is the son of God. 19:12-13 also tells us this. So when we put these verses together, we see the Word of God here (Jesus) saying that He is the Alpha and Omega.

.Revelation 1:16 | "seven stars" (1:20 says the seven stars are the angels); 4:5 refers to the seven spirits of God, which may be speaking of the same. (Sep.2.2012)3:1 refers to Him who has the seven stars.

.Revelation 1:17-18 | 2:18 this who has been identified by description as the Word of God (Jesus) is saying "I am the first and the last" (2:18); Verse 18 gives further clarification since we know what happened to Jesus: lived, died, rose, ascended (Eph 4:9-10).

.Revelation 1:20 | I'm really not sure why, and not going to guess at the moment, but the NIV (New International Version) substitutes the word "lampstands" for "candlesticks," which doesn't make much sense since fire/flame is a keyword and element we're working with here. Some may say, well a lamp then could be referring to light by fire (like a torch or lantern), but we know they're probably just trying to modernize what's being said here. Even that doesn't make sense though, because people know what candlesticks are. We're not talking about lightbulbs here, which this day in age, is what comes to mind if someone says "lampstands." Besides, lampstands don't burn, but candlesticks do. You all can get mad at me if you want, since I know many people have warm feelings toward the NIV, but I'm pointing to Rev 22:18-19 here. Love it or leave it alone. I hope they don't one day change 1:14 to say that his eyes were like lightbulbs. Another thing that may have some significance here with verse 20 and the use of "seven" is that there are seven continents (so I was taught); "seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand" (1:16).
Day 253: Proverbs 8-9; Revelation 2

.Proverbs 8:10 | Matt 4:8

.Proverbs 8:15 | This made me think of King Solomon (Ecclesiastes)

.Proverbs 8:18 | 3:16; 22:4; 11:16;

.Proverbs 8:19 | Since she says "better than gold" this may not be monetary revenue, but yet it may, since verse 21 really appears to be talking about monetary riches since it says treasuries. But then again, we're told to store treasures up in Heaven, so possibly it's not monetary, as I said at first. ( <-- a good example of needing understanding, not just wisdom.)

.Proverbs 8:27 | Gen 1:2

.Proverbs 8:35 | 3:16

.Revelation 2:1 | 1:1,13,16

.Revelation 2:5 | 1:20 | the candlestick is a particular church, and being that He's talking to the church of Ephesus (2:1), sounds like He's telling them they're done if they don't repent.

.Revelation 2:8 | "The first and the last, which was dead, and is alive" is obviously the son of God. 1:18; 2:18;

.Revelation 2:9 | 3:9

.Revelation 2:10 | 3:10-11?; James 1:12 (note to self: )

.Revelation 2:13 | did this already happen? if so, where?

.Revelation 2:12 | 1:11

.Revelation 2:14,16 | 2:4; this shows a pattern of how Jesus operates. He states his disapproval, saying to them He has something against them, then says repent or else... 2:21 is an example of what happens if you choose "or else." In verse 15, He said "which thing I hate," so obviously repenting includes turning away from that thing (or that way of living), not just saying "I'm sorry." He still hates it. And if you keep doing it, He's still going to be saying "I have a few things against thee..."

.Revelation 2:17 | Do you remember back in the old testament when He fed them manna? In fact, I think it was the people who named it "manna" because they didn't know what it was. It's kind of cool that He calls it by the name they gave it. Please find where this is for me (I'm short on time and can't remember). Genesis? Exodus?
concerning the "new name" at the end of the verse, read 3:12 also.

.Revelation 2:18 | Again, this points to the fact that this is Jesus (son of God), saying He's the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last. Remember that in Him dwells "the fulness of the Godhead bodily" (if we're playing "name that scripture" I just missed that one too. It's Colossians 2:9); 1:14-15; 19:12-13 even says "His name is called 'The Word of God.'" That's powerful! You gotta love it!

.Revelation 2:20 | Again, He says "I have a few things against thee." Next to "Jezebel" I have "in Thyatira in Asia" in my notes, but I don't have any further notes. I'm pretty sure there's some other scripture I ran across in the Bible that I got this from. Let me know what you know about this.

.Revelation 2:22 | And sure enough, here in verse 22, He calls them to "repent" after He says He has something against them.

.Revelation 2:27 | I suppose this is what the crown is about... rulership.

.Revelation 2:28 | I've gotta learn more about this morning star, but I believe this is an area of confusion when you start comparing different versions of the Bible. I think some versions refer to Satan or Lucifer as the morning star, and some versions refer to Jesus as the morning star. Not in this verse, but in other verses (I think perhaps in Isaiah and somewhere else, but I'm just relying on my memory at the moment).
Day 254: Proverbs 10-12; Revelation 3

.Revelation 3:1 (Sep.3.2012) | Notice that this says "the church in Sardis" instead of saying "Sardis Church" or "Sardis Methodist Baptist Episcopal Church" (just for example) or "Greater Sardis Church on the Hill owned by the Reverend Dr. Pastor Michael Jordan." It simply says "the church," being that there is one church, plain and simple, and it's not owned by a pastor. In the Bible, pastors don't own churches. Apostles don't own churches. There are not local churches that have their own names found in the Bible. There is one church in the Bible, and it is us, the body of Jesus Christ, that was built by Jesus Christ. No, I'm not talking about any type of modern day man made organization called "The Body of Jesus Christ" because people have tried to be sneaky and do things like that and then say theirs is the only one true church, trying to model it after what they see in the Bible, but adding their own twist, and trying to rule it. When in actuality, it just presents another division within the church, and causes confusion about who is in Christ and who is not in Christ, who is in the church, and who is not in the church. Brethren, I'm saying this to you, I being one person. I have no membership in any other church or denomination. My only church membership is with you in Christ, which began the moment we were born again in Christ Jesus, which took place without the signing of papers or documents created by man. Speaking of church naming, when you look in the Bible, you see that naming was done by someone that had authority and dominion over someone or something else. Even today, you see this. When your parents had you, they named you. In the beginning, as we see in the Bible, God gave man dominion over the animals, and brought them to him and allowed man to name them (Genesis 1:28; 2:19). I do see that there are a few times when the word churches (plural) is used in the Bible, but from what I see, it appears to be referring to different congregations (or gatherings) of the same church, not independently owned or separate organizations. And these different gatherings appeared to be due to geographical location, not due to differentiation of doctrine or belief, and not due to being founded or owned by different people, and definitely not due to any denominationalism.
Now concerning this verse one here in chapter three of The Revelation, it says "I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead." The way this reads, this appears to be talking about a different type of name. Not a word or phrase consisting of letters, such as one's first, last, or middle name, but speaking of one's reputation. You've heard people say things such as "make a good name for yourself," meaning to build up a good reputation and to be well known for that. So apparently this congregation was known as being alive, although they were dead. Sounds kind of like a zombie, huh?
Now who is saying this? He that has the seven spirits of God, and the seven stars, who is identified in The Revelation 1:16. From his description in chapter one, we see that this is Him who we know as Jesus Christ, the head of the church. We also see this in 3:21, when He says "my Father". (please note: although it is viewed as grammatically incorrect, I have began placing the period on the outside of the comma if the text I'm quoting from the Bible does not have a period there. So instead of "my Father." I'm writing "my Father". because there is no period after the word "Father" in 3:21 and I'd rather avoid confusion about that. Students in America, I'm warning you now, don't try this in class. It's not going to fly. They will point to this grammar lesson.)
Day 255: Proverbs 13-15; Revelation 4

.Proverbs 13:13-15 (Sep.4.2012) | (highlighted)

.Proverbs 13:17 (Sep.4.2012) | (highlighted)

.Proverbs 14:12 (Sep.4.2012) | 16:2 expounds on this a little, or moreso completes this phrase.

.Proverbs 14:23 (Sep.4.2012) | This says in ALL labour, not just some labour/labor, not just high paying labor, not just labor with a good financial profit margin, or labor that is more prestigious than cleaning toilets, but all labor. You can do labor that costs you more than it earns you, and there is still profit in that. Today, labor is all about the dollar bill, but this is pointing to something more than that. When you labor, you get something from it, even if it's not money. You get a sense of accomplishment, it builds character, a sense of self-worth, a sense of purpose, and it gives you perspective. When you labor with other people, it builds a sense of community and togetherness, a team, and you also get to learn from and teach others. You get to encourage others, and learn not to discourage others. In short, there is something you get from it. Almost always there is financial profit also. Now the second part of this verse is sometimes two-fold also. It says "but the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury." Penury is defined as extreme want or poverty, destitution. Today, if the person stands there and talks while they are supposed to be laboring, then they may not get paid, or eventually may get fired, meaning no pay. They will also lose out on all of those non-financial benefits. If that person is not supposed to be laboring, but let's say they're the supervisor, they may get paid better, but often this group still misses a few of those non-financial benefits. We know their value, but in the back of most people's minds, there's going to be some loss of that sense of togetherness at least if that person just stands and looks and refuses to lift a single finger, even if we're one man short. At some point that person could eventually become out of touch with the other workers, not fully understanding the toll these tasks take on the mind and body, or the skill level required. I keep thinking of a certain reality TV show called "Undercover Boss" (2012 on CBS) where CEO's get a tremendous dose of these non-financial profits as they go undercover and labor alongside the workers that they've grown out of touch with. There's a reason why Jesus didn't sit back in a padded office while He sent the apostles out to get their hands dirty. He went out with them and did what they did, in the same harsh conditions. Yes, the supervisors, CEO's, politicians, etc. have their role to play, but the ones who profit most are the ones who know what it feels like to put their hand to the plow, even if they don't do it on any regular basis.

.Proverbs 14:26 (Sep.4.2012) | "In the fear of the Lord is strong confidence..."

.Proverbs 14:31 (Sep.4.2012) | Malachi 3:8 ties in with this when you understand it in the light of Matthew 25:31-46 and how the tithe was supposed to be used for the poor, and how certain people without inheritance (widow, Levite, fatherless, stranger) had a right to a portion of it. Outside of tithes, even when someone may not have a right to something, Matthew 25:40,45 still rings true that "what is done to the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me" Jesus says. And according to John 1:3, yes He is your maker.

.Proverbs 15:3 (Sep.4.2012) | (highlighted)

.Proverbs 15:8 (Sep.4.2012) | "the prayer of the upright is his delight" contrary to what Eliphaz the Temanite insinuates in Job 22:3. Eliphaz needs to read Proverbs 15:8.

.Proverbs 15:10 (Sep.4.2012) | "Correction is grievous unto him that forsaketh the way..." Remember that Jesus says in John 14:6 that He is the way: "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."

.Proverbs 15:29 (Sep.4.2012) | I've heard many of the unrighteous say they felt like God doesn't answer their prayers or doesn't hear them, and this verse may suggest that they are right, since it says "The Lord is far from the wicked: but he heareth the prayer of the righteous." For this reason, if by Christ you are righteous and someone who considers themselves unrighteous asks you to pray for them, because they don't feel like God hears them, then I suggest you do it if it's not for the wrong reason, instead of just telling them to pray for themselves. (May.14.2014) Other verses that are relevant are 1 Peter 3:12 and 1 John 3:22. Isaiah 59:1-2.

.Revelation 4:1 (Sep.4.2012) | highlighted " it were a trumpet talking with me..."

.Revelation 4:3 (Sep.4.2012) | Genesis 9:16

.Revelation 4:4 (Sep.4.2012) | NIV readers should know that this says "And round about the throne were four and twenty seats..." because the NIV has changed "seats" to "thrones" saying "surrounding the throne were twenty-four other thrones," which appears to me that NIV is trying to elevate these 24 elders to be equal with God, appearing that they are all sitting around together on thrones. This is significant to me because it appears to be directly in line with what Satan was trying to get man to aspire to in Genesis 3:5 when he told Eve that God knows that if they ate the fruit they would be as gods, knowing good and evil. Satan himself wanted to sit high and be like God (Isaiah 14:13-14), which he was cast out of Heaven for. When you look today at the celebrities, stars, and the exaltation (even self-exaltation) of man, you see the social construct of Satan. It is Satan who tempts many into believing that it is man's belief and opinion about what is right that is supreme, and not God's Word. It is in the spirit of Lucifer for man to act and believe that his own life and beliefs are governed by none higher than his own personal thoughts and beliefs, and that the truth is whatever he says is true. This 25 thrones the NIV presents looks more like a 25 member board of directors than 24 people seated around the throne of a king.

.Revelation 4:5 (Sep.4.2012) | These seven spirits of God are mentioned again in 5:6, which are the Lamb's eyes.

.Revelation 4:8 (Sep.4.2012) | If we look at 1:8 and understand what "was, and is, and is to come" means, then we see that these beasts are saying that Jesus is God Almighty. In The Revelation, as well as bad beasts, there are good beasts mentioned too.

.Revelation 4:11 (Sep.4.2012) | Okay, looking at John 1:3 we know who the creator is. But why did He create all of this? Drumroll please.............................. it says here that he created all things for His pleasure. What? Did you think man was the only one capable of experiencing pleasure? Did you think that He who created the concept of pleasure wasn't going to have any pleasure Himself? Well, this helps explain Genesis 6:5-7 a little better. Don't worry, you haven't seen the end of God's plan for us yet.
Day 256: Proverbs 16-18; Revelation 5

.Revelation 5:5 (Sep.7.2012) | Notice this does not call him a leaf of David, but the root of David. There's a huge difference between a root and a leaf, and the root comes first. Without the root, you have no tree.

.Revelation 5:6 (Sep.7.2012) | Yes, there are seven horns like the Statue of Liberty (or would you prefer me to call them spikes?), but this is not the Statue of Liberty. It says these are the seven Spirits of God, but the Statue of Liberty is not of God, but has evil origins, put in place for evil reasons by evil men. Seek and ye shall find. Let Christ be the symbol of your liberty; let your liberty be found in Him, for he who the son sets free is free indeed.

.Revelation 5:8 (Sep.7.2012) | These do not appear to be the same vials mentioned in 15:7, because those vials hold the wrath of God, but these vials are full of odours/odors, which are the prayers of the saints, which is us, including you if you are in Christ. And guess what this means... your prayers have a smell to them. So when you pray, God is not just getting words coming toward Him that He must listen to very closely and simply analyze your words and your heart to see if they are good prayers or not. A more accurate picture is that He can smell them like the sweetsmelling pie fresh out of the oven, or that rotten garbage in a trash dumpster on a hot summer day. I wouldn't be surprised if God could taste and feel our prayers as well. Other things that have a smell to God are offerings and sacrifices, and this is not necessarily money. Ephesians 5:2 says "Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweetsmelling savour."

.Revelation 5:9 (Sep.7.2012) | "...thou art worthy..." is being sung in the new song to the Lamb who we see in verse 12 is the one who is worthy.

.Revelation 5:10 (Sep.7.2012) | We know this speaks of Jesus because it says "thou wast slain, and has redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation". Redemption is mentioned in Ephesians 4:30.

.Revelation 5:11 (Sep.7.2012) | This mentions the number of these angels as ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands. Thousands (plural) likely means at least two thousand. Multiplying 2,000 x 2,000, you get 4 million (4,000,000), adding the 10,000 x 10,000, you get 100,000, so on the low end, this would appear to be telling us that there was at least 4.1 million (4,100,000) angels around the throne (singular) and the beasts and the elders; but there could be way far more than 4.1 million.

.Revelation 5:12 (Sep.7.2012) | 5:9 "worthy"

.Revelation 5:14 (Sep.7.2012) | It's interesting to note that there were 24 elders around the throne, as said in 4:4, because 24 points makes nearly a perfect circle. Some people may point out that the satanic pentagram is within a circle, and other satanic practices (including witchcraft) like to incorporate circles. Remember that Satan, though very cunning, is not very creative, or does not like to be very creative, seeing that nearly everything Satan does is some sort of perversion of something God is doing. God has the three in one; Satan tries to do that too in Revelation (2 beasts and a dragon -Revelation 13). God has His living image (Christ -Colossians 1:15), Satan has a living image of the beast (Rev 13:15). God's image is worshipped (Christ said "All Hail" and they worshipped Him -Matthew 28:9), Satan demands that his image is worshipped (Revelation 13:15). God has a kingdom and sits on a throne, Satan wants a kingdom and a throne (Isaiah 14:13). God has a mark He puts on people (a seal in their foreheads -Rev 7:3), Satan wants to put a mark in people's foreheads (Rev 13:16). And it goes on and on and on, one thing after another, but it all comes back to Isaiah 14:15 where God reveals that Satan in his heart says "I will be like the most High." He's a copycat perv. He studies God, takes everything God does and tries to pervert it and do a twisted version of the same thing to get people to follow him. He's not the real deal. He's pathetic. And those who follow and worship him are naturally going to be pathetic too and unauthentic, knock-offs. You even see all of the false religions. They are knockoffs of God's way. And it doesn't end with religions and their corrupt leadership.
Day 257: Proverbs 19-21; Revelation 6

.Proverbs 19:5 | 19:9

.Proverbs 20:1 | One way to come to poverty is drinking. Proverbs 23:20-21

.Proverbs 20:13 | "Love not sleep" | Go ahead and get your eight hours, but I can't name how many people I've heard say "I love to sleep" and usually they do so in a way that they're not really getting needed rest, but just being slothful or lazy. Or maybe they don't want to face the world. But as we're told here and other places, too much sleep leads to poverty.

.Proverbs 20:23 | Money and probably bartering was measured in weight. Some rigged the balances in their favor to cheat people out of their money, although this may happen with more than just money. If you want to know what a balance looks like, look on the front of American paper currency (yes, there are a lot of meanings in the symbols on these bills that you may have never paid attention to). Jesus also speaks about this type of thing in Matthew 7:2 when saying "with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." There are people who've tried to convince me that I should charge other people more for the exact same product or service just because those people had more money. That wouldn't be right or fair.

.Proverbs 21:4,6 | highlighted

.Proverbs 21:9 | 25:24

.Proverbs 21:13 | James 2:6. To stop your ears at the cry of the poor is basically when you hear them asking for help but ignore them. Many people do this. They wouldn't give the starving man a dollar, but would willingly give the rich man their money even if that rich man may be deceiving them. Of the rich man, they say "God will judge him if he does the wrong thing with my money, it's not for me to judge," but of the poor man, they willingly judge and say "I won't give him my money or anything because he might do the wrong thing with it like buy alcohol or something." (May.14.2014) However, the Bible doesn't call us to blindly give to those in need, but to judge them; to seemingly judge whether they are really eligible and really in need.

.Revelation 6 | Summarizing the seals, horses, and events in order:
.6:1-2 | 1st seal / White horse: went forth conquering, and to conquer.
.6:3-4 | 2nd seal / red horse: power was given to him (him who sat on the horse) to take peace from the earth, and that they (man) should kill one another, and he was given a great sword.
.6:5-6 | 3rd seal / black horse: he that sat on the horse had a pair of balances in his hand. A voice in the midst of 4 beasts says "a measure of wheat for a penny, and three measured of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.
.6:7-8 | 4th seal / pale horse: voice of 4th beast tells him "come and see." He who sat on pale horse was named Death, and Hell followed with him. Power was given to them (plural) over the 4th part of the earth to kill with sword and hunger and with death and with the beast of the earth.
.6:9-10 | 5th seal / under the altar the souls of them who were slain for the word of God and for the testimony they held: These souls cry out "How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?" They're given white robes and told to rest till their fellowservants also and brethren are killed as they were and that's fulfilled.
.6:12-17 | 6th seal / great earthquake / black sun / moon became as blood / stars fell to earth / heaven departed like a scroll when rolled together / every mountain and island moved out of their place: earth's kings, great men, rich men, chief captains, mighty men, every bondman, every free man, hid and cried out to be killed so they wouldn't have to face the wrath of the Lamb.
.Note: this summary is not a substitute for reading the Bible. It's to help you gain a clearer view and study guide by seeing it listed.

.Revelation 6:6 | Not sure if this could have anything to do with the wheat penny. In the U.S. the backs of pennies had a picture of wheat on it from 1909 to 1958.

.Revelation 6:8 | I've heard people say the term "Hell on earth." I don't think this is what they mean, but this is where it's mentioned. When we look at the last part of this verse we see Death and Hell are allowed to kill with hunger. This may be linked with what's told in Matthew 10:7 which says "there shall be famines." As far as killing with the beasts of the earth, Nebachadrezzar tried to do it to Daniel, throwing him in the Lion's den, (Daniel 6:16), and the Romans did it to Christians in the coliseum (fed them to the lions). So this type of thing is not unheard of.

Revelation 6:15 | Proverbs 28:6,8,16,20,28... um, just read all of Proverbs 28. That should cover it.

Revelation 6:16 | "wrath of the Lamb" | I know what people think. They of think lambs as cute, cuddly, and harmless, commanding no real respect. Well not this Lamb; not this time.
Day 258: Proverbs 22-24; Revelation 7

.Proverbs 22:4 | 3:16; 10:27, but we must not forget 11:28. The focus here is not having riches, and honour, and life. What we should focus on is having humility and fear of the Lord. No, Pastor Terry I didn't forget this verse.

.Proverbs 22:7 | Some people say that lending is Biblically prohibited. I don't remember seeing that in the Bible, but if it is, please share the verse with me. What this does say though is that the borrower is servant to the lender. In other words, consider what you're getting yourself into and who you're getting yourself into it with.

.Proverbs 22:9 | 22:16; When we have knowledge of these two scriptures, then we can understand that 2 Corinthians 9:6 is not talking about giving to those who are rich, although those who are rich may tell you otherwise.

.Proverbs 22:16 | 2 Corinthians 8:13 further clarifies this. What are three reason you think people give to the rich? What are three reasons you think people give to the poor? I'm not asking for your answers, but for you to think about this and answer these questions for yourself.

.Proverbs 22:27 | 2 Corinthians 8:11-13

.Proverbs 22:29 | Romans 12:11

.Proverbs 23:2 | In other words, it's not about you being fed, but about your purpose for being there.

.Proverbs 23:4 | highlighted

.Proverbs 23:13-14 | highlighted

.Proverbs 23:17 | 24:1

.Proverbs 23:20-21 | 20:1; 23:31

.Proverbs 23:23 | highlighted

.Proverbs 23:33 | 5:20

.Proverbs 24:1 | 23:17,20

.Proverbs 24:16 | highlighted

.Revelation 7:3 | this says that the seal is "in" their foreheads, so the seal may not be an actual visible seal on top of the skin on the forehead.

.Revelation 7:4,9,11 | This 144,000 is from all the tribe of the children of Israel. It doesn't say that this is all that will make it into the Kingdom. Verse 9 says there was a multitude which no man could number of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues that stood before the throne. They were clothed in white robes. Verse 14 says their robes were washed and made white in the blood of the Lamb, which may refer back to Rev 6:11.

.Revelation 7:5 | Note the order in which the tribes are listed. Jewish tradition is said to list in the order of natural birth, but Reuben was first (p.144 "The Destiny of the Black Race"; Peterson). Juda is spelled without the "h" on the end here.

.Revelation 7:16 | Isaiah 49:10

.Revelation 7:17 | Psalm 23; Ezekiel 34
Day 259: Proverbs 25-26; Revelation 8

.Proverbs 25:1 | Since it says these are "also" proverbs of Solomon, the proverbs before here may have been Solomon's also.

.Proverbs 25:19 | highlighted

.Proverbs 25:24 | 21:9

.Proverbs 26:4-5 | Jesus provides some pretty good examples of how not to answer a fool according to his folly, yet to answer a fool according to his folly so he's not left wise in his own conceit. He didn't answer them with the answer they were trying to make Him answer them with as they tried to trip Him up, but answered them in a way to make them recognize their own folly. Two examples of this are Matthew 21:23-27 and John 8:3-9. Here in John He doesn't answer them until they keep asking Him, thinking that they're wise and have Him cornered with their question. There are more instances of this with Jesus in other circumstances, but that should be enough to explain it.

.Revelation 8:10-11 | Jeremiah 9:15 and 23:15; This year, I had a dream about this happening. Actually it was a vision within a dream, not just a regular dream. I don't have access at the moment to my notes from the dream, but I do remember that there was an angel there I believe that was giving the warning of what was about to happen, and the angel was outside of the window. There was concern about the water... water was involved and to be a big part of the event. There was a light in the sky for a few nights, I think, or at least a night or two, and I think it was orbiting slowly vertically. It was being covered by the news, and it was not called the Wormwood star by those who didn't have any knowledge of the Bible if I can remember, but I identified that it was the Wormwood star. With the threat looming overhead, nobody was concerned about the stuff in life that really wasn't that important like cars, houses, material possessions, credit scores, and all of that. People were concerned about their lives. This third part of the water that this verse speaks of here in 8:10 may have something to do with the third of angels that fell with Lucifer. In Rev 9:15 it also says a third part of men would be slain. I'm not sure how or if this relates to that, but it'd be interesting to study. (third part of trees 8:7; third part of the sea 8:8; third part of the creatures / third part of the ships 8:9; third part of the rivers and waters 8:10; third part of waters 8:11; third part of sun / third part of moon / third part of stars / third part of the day / third part of the night 8:12; third part of men 9:15,18)
Day 260: Proverbs 27-29; Revelation 9

.Proverbs 27:2 | highlighted

.Proverbs 27:5-6 | There's nothing wrong with being truthful and honest with the people you care about, especially if you care about them.

.Proverbs 27:10 | A neighbor is someone who will be there for you or someone you can be there for. Jesus teaches this lesson of who to regard as a neighbor in the New Testament. [We covered it earlier, but I don't have the time to backtrack to find it. If you find it, let me know. It doesn't simply mean the person next to you.]

.Proverbs 27:17 | This goes with what was mentioned in verse 10.

.Proverbs 27:18-20 | highlighted

.Proverbs 27:23-24 | highlighted

.Proverbs 27:26 | This may loosely tie in with Genesis 3:21, although this here doesn't specifically say anything about the wellbeing of the animals after, While Gen 3:21 signifies a sacrifice for sin.

.Proverbs 28:3 | highlighted

.Proverbs 28:4 | John 15:19

.Proverbs 28:6,20 | 19:1; 1 Timothy 6:5; These are very important words here for our current time. We have developed a warped sense of thought and regard the rich as being above the poor, no matter how they got rich.

.Proverbs 28:8,9,10 | highlighted

.Proverbs 28:12 | 28:28; 29:2; "when the wicked rise, [a man is hidden / men hide themselves]"

.Proverbs 28:15-16 | Much of today's poverty does not come from lack, but is manufactured by wicked rulers. Some of our recessions and depressions could more accurately be defined as oppressions. Why then would an oppressor deliver the oppressed from the oppression that magnifies his strength?

.Proverbs 28:19-22 | 28:6

.Proverbs 28:24 | highlighted

.Proverbs 28:26 | highlighted

.Proverbs 28:27 | 21:13; 29:7; Also check my notes for 21:13

.Proverbs 28:28 | 28:12; 29:2; "when the wicked rise, [a man is hidden / men hide themselves]"

.Proverbs 29:7 | 28:27

.Proverbs 29:24 | this word "bewrayeth" is used in Matt 26:73, which apparently means "reveals" or "points out" or something close to that.

.Proverbs 29:27 | highlighted

.Revelation 9:1 | "a star fall from heaven" | this may be somewhat of an allusion to Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12), but I could be wrong on that.

.Revelation 9:15 | notice chapter 8's plenty references to third parts (8:7-12). (Dec.13.2012) We see it in Ezekiel 5:2,12 and Leviticus 13:8 also. Also notice how long the angels were prepared to kill! (note to self)

.Revelation 9:17 | 9:8 reference to lions

.Revelation 9:18 | notice chapter 8's plenty references to third parts (8:7-12) (note to self)
Day 261: Proverbs 30-31; Revelation 10

.Proverbs 30:1 | These now are the words of Agur

.Proverbs 30:4 | Jesus

.Proverbs 30:5 | Eph 6:16

.Proverbs 30:6 | Rev 22:18

.Proverbs 30:7-8 | Apparently the following statement only counts as one thing "Remove far from me vanity and lies: give me neither poverty nor riches" - how often we're sold the idea that we'll be either impoverished or rich. I suppose that's what he's saying.

.Proverbs 30:14 | highlighted

.Proverbs 30:18-19 | If you didn't catch that, Agur just said that he never fornicated. He said he doesn't know the way of a man with a maid.

.Proverbs 31:1 | These are the words of Lemuel, but not sure if it's Lemuel who's actually writing this or someone else.

.Proverbs 31:9 | 31:20 (This is what you call a cross reference. Pun intended.)

.Proverbs 31:20 | 31:9 (This is what you call a cross reference. Pun intended.)

.Proverbs 31:29 | If there were quotes in the Bible, this should be in quotes, because this is his praise of her. Notice that the word "thou" is used, which shows they're words directly from one person to another.

.Proverbs 31:30,31 | Psalm 128:3 would fit well here between verses 30 and 31.

.Revelation 10:1 | "a rainbow was upon his head" | Genesis 9:15-17

.Revelation 10:4 | "write them not" | This is one of the only places in the Bible (possibly the only place) where someone is told not to write something. I suppose we may find out later what the seven thunders uttered.

.Revelation 10:10 | I imagine this might feel a little bit like eating too much candy.
Day 262: Ecclesiastes 1-3; Revelation 11

.Ecclesiastes | This is a book that you need to read entirely, because it's not wise to read only part of it, because you need to understand the whole picture in order for it to leave the right impression on you. It's a life changing book that I definitely recommend (as if I need to actually recommend any book in the Bible). Reading this entire book helped me gain a much better perspective of what's truly important in life, and what's not.

.Ecclesiastes 1:5 | "his place" | The sun is referred to as a he (personified).

.Ecclesiastes 1:8 | highlighted

.Ecclesiastes 1:9 | "there is no new thing under the sun" | Since there have always been technological advancements, what is likely being said here may be speaking in the most basic way possible. There are always new concoctions, new compositions, new ways of doing things, new ways of working with the materials that are already here under the sun to create a differing material. So we're pretty much just manipulating the things (the elements) that we already have here. So what we do now could have been done way before now, man just didn't know how to do it. Also, since it says under the sun and not just on the earth, then it includes things (elements/materials) on other planets and outer space as well.

.Ecclesiastes 1:18 | Genesis 3:17

.Ecclesiastes 1:11 | we can't change the weight of the universe. We can't add anything to it.

.Ecclesiastes 2:24 | Luke 12:19

.Ecclesiastes 3:2-8 | If you notice, there's a pattern. For each thing listed, the opposite of that thing is listed as well (they're listed in two's). However, when we come to "a time to kill," the counterpart of that is "a time to heal," not resurrect. This may suggest that when it says "kill" it may not mean physically killing as in manslaughter. Or perhaps it could be talking about physical killing (since God did tell someone to "kill and eat"), and if physical killing, then the opposite of that would be healing and resurrection. I include "healing" because you can't just resurrect someone without healing the fatal wound that caused them to die in the first place, cause then they'd immediately die again, right? right. It might sound impractical, but I'm leaning toward saying if you can't heal, don't kill.

.Ecclesiastes 3:11 | I've notice that Solomon speaks a lot about time and speaks about time in a way that suggests that he may not be fully aware of God's timelessness and that God is not bound to time.

.Ecclesiastes 3:15 | "That which is to be hath already been" | It is already in existence by God's placing it there. (note to self: )

.Ecclesiastes 3:20 | "all go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again" sounds as if he's just speaking of what happens here physically, not after (afterlife). At this point in Solomon's writing; even verses 19-22, it appears that he's very focused on the physical earthly things and existence and not on eternal.

.Revelation 11 is a very interesting and important chapter, but I have no notes written for this chapter besides some highlights of certain verses, which I don't really need to point out here if you read the chapter.
Day 263: Ecclesiastes 4-6; Revelation 12

.Ecclesiastes 4:1 | This is something it's wise to know when ministering to people in positions of power. Though they have power, don't assume that their power gives them comfort. Nobody is exempt from needing God.

.Ecclesiastes 5:2 | I was talking about this with a brother of mine, Daryl. I was a little uncomfortable with the idea of Solomon saying we can't freely talk to God and he brought up the excellent point that this isn't likely saying we can't speak to God much, but how some people are quick to say anything to God without regarding what they're saying. If a young man or young woman is pursuing someone of the opposite sex, they're going to choose their words wisely, which is often not done with God. In face, some people do nothing but ask and ask and ask from God, even asking for things they have no business asking for, and may even get upset with God when they don't get what they're asking for.

.Ecclesiastes 5:12 | highlighted

.Ecclesiastes 6:6 | 3:19-22

.Revelation 12:3 | 13:1

.Revelation 12:6 | 1,260 days; Daniel 12:11?

.Revelation 12:9 | This makes it clear that the serpent is the Devil and Satan.

.Revelation 12:10 | "accuser of out brethren" there's a reference this in my "One and Other" poem in my Verbalizions of Enlightenment book.

.Revelation 12:14 | I'm not sure what exactly a "great eagle" is but there is a Bald Eagle on America's Great Seal. But I'm not sure if that makes it a great eagle or not. | "a time, and times, and a half a time" is also mentioned in Daniel 12:7.
Day 264: Ecclesiastes 7-9; Revelation 13

.Revelation 13:1 | Satan is not creative. He's basically a copycat and a pervert (he copies and perverts). Here, we'll see him trying to copy God's order and way of doing things and try to make his own little version of it. We know from Genesis 1:26 that God says "let Us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth." We know God was plural since He said "Us" and "Our image," instead of "My image." So God made man in their own image and gave him dominion. There may be a margin of error here in my understanding, but if we look at Revelation 12:3 and 13:1, we see that the beast that rises out of the sea (dominion over the sea) has the same image as the red dragon in 12:1. 13:4 says that the dragon gives power to the beast and tries to force people to worship the image of the beast (13:15), since Christ, who is the image of the invisible God, is worshipped (Colossians 1:15; Matthew 28:9). Satan identified in 12:9 as the great dragon/serpent is selfish and has no genuine desire to be handing over any power to anyone. He's trying to copy God, while still perverting the whole reason, process, and purpose of what he's doing. (May.14.2014) My notes for Revelation 5:14 contain more instances where Satan tries to copy God.

.Revelation 13:2 | Jesus gave authority to his apostles to do miracles and wonders.

.Revelation 13:3 | 13:14 | This is a counterfeit of what Jesus did when He was crucified and arose from the grave.

.Revelation 13:4 | Satan desires to be worshipped like our Father in Heaven is worshipped and have his beast be seen as a matchless victor, such as Jesus.

.Revelation 13:5 | Three and a half years. I'm not making any accusations at this point, but this is pretty close to the amount of time one spends in the white house (until the newly elected begins their process of taking over the reigns).

.Revelation 13:7 | Daniel 7:21

.Revelation 13:8 | There's two distinct groups of people here. There are those whose names are written in the Lambs Book of Life who do not worship the beast, and there are those who do worship the beast "whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world." This (from the foundation of the world) speaks of the true timelessness that exists with God.

.Revelation 13:9 | 2:7; Matt 24:15

.Revelation 13:10 | 14:12; 2 Tim 2:18; Dan 7:22

.Revelation 13:11 | "and I beheld another beast" | notice there is more than just one beast. This beast has horns too, but horns like a lamb... another likeness to Jesus who is called the lamb, being that He was sacrificed and fulfilled the passover.

.Revelation 13:12 | this seems like a knockoff (counterfeit) of Christ giving all the same power to His apostles, who lead others to worship Christ.

.Revelation 13:14 | 13:3 | Ephesians 6:17 says the sword of the spirit is the word of God, so it may be possible that this wounding could be by the Word of God, but I'm inclined to think it is speaking of being physically wounded, since that's what most people in society pay attention to and are motivated by, not spiritual things.

.Revelation 13:15 | 14:9 | Colossians 1:15 speaks about Jesus being the image of the invisible God, and here Satan is trying to have his own image, like God has. Satan is envious. Genesis 1:26 - God makes man in their (God's) own image. Daniel 3:1-6 - Nebuchadnezzar makes an IMAGE of gold and causes everyone to bow down and worship it. This type of thing is not far-fetched when you think about Muslim culture and religion merging with American society and justice, which is happening today.

.Revelation 13:16 | First let me point out once again that Satan is a perverse copycat. He copies the idea of the mark from here in Revelation 7:2-3 where God has a mark put in his own servants' foreheads. This says that he "causes" them to receive the mark. It doesn't say he makes them receive the mark or forces them to. But placing upon them demands and circumstances and the peer pressure of those around, the need to eat, drive, get medical attention, etc. will cause many to choose to receive the mark, especially when people rationalize within their mind to convince themselves that it's okay and it's no big deal. I'll also point out that it says he'll cause them to receive "a" mark. It doesn't say it will be called "the mark of the beast" or will have any identifying marks or anything. It simply says it's a mark. The thing that makes it so bad is not what it is and what it's called, but who it's from... who's behind the system.

.Revelation 13:16 | Some think that the mark will be 666, but that's the number of the beast, not the mark. We aren't told what the mark is, just what its function is. We are told that it will be IN people's right hand or IN their foreheads, so it may very well not be visible to others. Why would it be in someone's forehead? Jesus says in Matthew 5:30, "If thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into Hell." I'm thinking that people who receive the mark in their right hand, who realize what they've done and that they've sold their soul to the Devil and his Hell, will cut their hand off that they've received the mark in. I've heard that there was an implantable microchip that if you tamper with it or try to remove it, it'll release a poison or toxin that would kill you. If that's the case, people would just cut their hand off. The alternative would be to cause people to put it in their forehead because of course they can't just go and cut their own heads off to get away from Satan, because that'd be murder/suicide which I understand will also end you up in Hell. In other words, don't receive a mark or device that fits the description or purpose told here in Revelation 13:16-17.

.Revelation 13:17 | This is a key thing to look for to identify the mark/number/name. It says that nobody can buy or sell except if they have the mark number or name. There are three things mentioned here. Don't confuse them. 1) the mark 2) the name of the beast 3) the number of the beast (666). It doesn't say that the number is the mark of the beast. Some people are thinking "if it says 666 on it, then I'm not receiving it," not realizing that it doesn't have to say "666" on it. It doesn't even have to be the mark or the number, it could be the name of the beast. Before I continue, I'd remind you that as informed followers of Christ who believe this Bible, there's nothing for us to be fearful of. There's new technology out now that's being required in new driver's licenses and others have started implanting it in their hands and buying stuff with it and getting into clubs, etc. There's something called an RFID chip that can be sold in the name of security. Here's an ad for it There's even talk about the swine flu vaccines injecting microscopic chips into people I'm not sure if that's true about the vaccines (haven't tested it, but I know for sure there have been plenty of people fired from hospitals for not taking the swine flu vaccine.)

.Revelation 13:18 | this verse tells us that the number is 666 (a score is 20), and that this is the number of a man which can be counted. I also want to mention that God has still not given us the spirit of fear. I'm mentioning this, because some people hear things from Revelation that are to come and get scared or fearful of it when we should not be fearful. This is Satan's time to be fearful. It is his destruction coming and those who choose to follow him. At the same time, I know this is a lot for us to deal with, but this is victory time. We must still prepare ourselves though and be watchful, and able to be led by the Spirit.

I've referenced a few more videos below. I have to warn you though that not everyone opposing he chip right now is doing so in a Christian way or for Biblical reasons. So don't simply follow along with how everyone's saying to deal with it. Follow how Jesus teaches us in the Bible to handle situations and how He handled them Himself. Not fearful, panicking, trying to fight something spiritual with physical weapons, etc. So don't entertain the thoughts of everyone who comments on the video or even the many people who are reporting this. You've been reading the Bible so you can know the Bible and be empowered to follow God's word, not man's. Also, don't be surprised if you find out that people want to remain uninformed about what's going on or refuse to believe that what's told in the Bible will happen, even many who say they're Christian. Everyone does not believe in the Bible enough to base their decisions on what it says (even some people reading this). It sounds scary to them because they don't really believe the victorious outcome of it all, although they may say they do. Whether or not people receive the mark will test their belief.

. (in your new driver's license)

. (refuse the license and you'll be treated as a terrorist.)

. (required chipped driver's licenses! Be aware! These are probably the same type of chips that can be taken out and then implanted into your hands/foreheads once widely accepted.)

. (chipped credit cards)

. (chipping/marking children; the person in video says to be fearful. But don't be fearful. God hasn't given us the spirit of fear.)

. What to do? Take the Bible seriously, and constantly remind yourself to Value your eternal life more than this temporary life here on earth. Nothing in this earthly place is truly necessary. Your salvation is necessary and eternal life in Heaven, and you should hold onto that even if required to give up your life here for it. And I'm not talking about suicide. Suicide cannot get you to Heaven. Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ are already lied on, killed, and tortured in other countries for believing in and following the Word of God. They were not criminals and they did no criminal activity. And sure you can remain a churchgoer and call yourself Christian and not be persecuted, but when you actually believe in and follow the Bible and base your decisions on the Bible, that's when you become a problem and a disruption to this world's system... to Satan's system, fueled by greed and want of power and control. Remember Daniel (Daniel 6:1-24) in the Bible who was thrown in the lion's den and Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah (Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego) (Daniel 3:16-19) who got thrown in the fiery furnace. And yes, God can protect you also like he protected them, but he can also allow you to be taken away from this corrupt place to a better place (Heaven) like John the Baptist. Testimonies of more recent people are Brother Yun and Mina Nevisa, among many others.

. Is this mark of the beast idea an original idea by Satan? No, he's counterfeiting what God has done again. Copycatting pervert! God has an angel to set a mark in the forehead of His own servants (Revelation 7:2-3). Satan is copying that. And also remember way back in the passover when the blood of the lamb was put on the door posts and the lintel and God passed over those places and didn't kill their firstborns (Exodus 12:7-13). The Lord set a mark on Cain so nobody would kill him (Gen 4:15). Yes, everything Satan does, he copies from God. But what's more shameful than that is that people who don't buy God's original will buy and believe Satan's counterfeit version of God's way. And don't think for a minute that Satan's not trying to also counterfeit God's idea for unity and oneness of the body of Christ. He wants his own version of unity and oneness (a counterfeit world peace, spiritual unity, one government, singlemindedness, brotherhood/sisterhood kinship, etc). It's a knockoff. Recognize it, leave it if you're in it, and find your oneness within God's family... the body of Jesus Christ. You can't be one with two separate groups. You can't be one with me at the same time you're one with another group that I'm not one with. That's impossible. And to believe that it's possible is deception. Furthermore, there's God's mark and there's Satan's mark, and you'll have one or the other, but you can't have both.
Day 265: Ecclesiastes 10-12; Revelation 14

.Ecclesiastes 10:7 | "walking as" means appearing to be or playing the role of servants.

.Ecclesiastes 10:18 | Proverbs 6:6-11

.Ecclesiastes 11:1-5 | Don't just look at the conditions around you and decide not to sow because you can't see what God may do with your seed.

.Ecclesiastes 11:6 | You have to nurture what you planted, so I suppose this may be what's done in the evening. I'm not quite sure though, being I'm not one of great experience in the garden. Perhaps also it could be speaking of sowing seeds both in the morning and evening. "Thou knowest not whether shall prosper" could be saying you don't know which one of them will prosper, or whether the seed sown in the morning will prosper. Evening could also be used as a metaphor of night coming when it all looks dark or dismal, but you can't give up on it just because it doesn't look well. That seems the best explanation to me when regarding this with what the previous verses were saying.

.Ecclesiastes 12:1 | This is especially for you younger people. Don't wait until you're old and don't even have anymore pleasure in life to start thinking about God and living/loving His Word. All the time, older people ask me how old I am and tell me they wish they had gotten more serious about life and their relationship with God when they were younger.

.Ecclesiastes 12:12 | "Of making many books there is no end." I remember this verse when I think about how many books I haven't yet finished. As an author, I'm thankful I've already accepted the fact that even if I did complete all of the books I have started or have plans for now, I'd still feel like I needed to write more. You even look in the bookstore with so many shelves full of books and see that this is only a very small fraction of all the books that were written. Most books don't make it onto the shelves, and those that do usually don't stay there for long. It's a wonder man keeps finding things to write books about.

.Revelation 14:3 | 7:4

.Revelation 14:4 | (updated June.6.2016) Thes 144,000 are virgins. 1 Corinthians 15:20,23 (about man as firstfruits)
This verse also specifies that these virgins have not defiled themselves with women, so we know these virgins are males. Revelation 14:3-4 says ".... and no man could learn that song bu tthe hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth. These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb withersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfuits unto God and to the Lamb." This is important to note, because there are people now who claim that Mary was not a virgin, but that the word "virgin" simply meant "young woman;" however, "virgin" cannot simply mean "young woman," since the virgins in Revelation 14:4 are described as chaste men.

An easy trick to remember where this is in The Revelation, is that the 144,000 are talked about in Revelation 14:4 (144k 14:4; both are 144, and this is the only place in this book where the verse number is a 1 4 4, since there's no 1:44).

.Revelation 14:6 | "the everlasting gospel"

.Revelation 14:7 | 15:3

.Revelation 14:8 | 18:10

.Revelation 14:9 | "the beast and his image" again, if we look at Colossians 1:15, we see that the Devil gets this whole "image" thing from God. He's copying God's way of doing things.

.Revelation 14:9-10 | (updated June.29.2016) To most people that you know, worshipping the beast and receiving the mark of the beast will seem to be the most convenient, smartest, and safest thing to do, but it's deception. Those who receive the mark will have God's wrath poured out of them and be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb. And if you read what happens in verse 11, it gets worse. It's for ever and ever (The smoke of their torment ascends up for ever and ever. It doesn't say the holy angels and the Lamb remain present forever). This life is temporary. People will receive the mark of the beast for a temporary gain, which I'm sure they will receive, but with that temporary gain comes an everlasting punishment, which appears to be ever torment with no end. I would say "do the math," but there's no math to do. A temporary persecution from man and everlasting life in Heaven with God, or temporary gain from man feeling God's wrath and an "everlasting punishment," which is the term used in Matthew 25:46. Only if you truly don't believe this Revelation of Jesus Christ, would you take the temporary gain. What's brimstone? It's basically lava. I need to specify that the scripture doesn't say that the Lamb and the holy angels remain present for ever and ever, because obviously, they will eventually have other things to do. This verse also doesn't specifically say that the actual torment continues for ever and ever, but it appears that it does because it then says "they have no rest day nor night." Some have argued that they will simply be burned up and destroyed and that it wouldn't be a continuing process, because the Lamb (who we identify is Jesus) and the holy angels can't be there for ever and ever watching. But we've already shown that torment could continue going on after the Lamb and angels leave, because the scriptures don't say they stay there forever. The second thing I must point out is that if they were simply destroyed, it doesn't take day and night for them to be destroyed. Since it says "and they have no rest day nor night," it appears to be a continual process.

.Revelation 14:12 | "here is the patience of the saints" also said in 13:9; Also read 2 Timothy 2:18 again.

.Revelation 14:13 | 6:9-10

.Revelation 14:14 | a sickle is used for harvesting. When harvesting, the wheat is separated from the tares. Those who are truly believers and love God will be separated from the pretenders. Matthew 13:24-30,36-43.

.Revelation 14:15-20 | Matthew 13:38
Day 266: Song of Songs 1-3; Revelation 15

.Song of Songs | Nehemiah 13:26 says that Solomon had problems with women causing him to sin.

.Revelation 15:1 | 15:7

.Revelation 15:7 | 15:1; 16:1
Day 267: Song of Songs 4-5; Revelation 16

.Revelation 16:1 | 15:1,7

.Revelation 16:12 | fourth of four rivers from Garden of Eden (Gen 2:10)
Day 268: Song of Songs 6-8; Revelation 17

.Revelation 17 | Nahum 3

.Revelation 17:1 | Isaiah 1:21-22

.Revelation 17:2 | Nahum 3:11; Isaiah 1:21-22

.Revelation 17:3 | He was carried away in the spirit into the wilderness, not physically carried away.

.Revelation 17:4 | 18:6; It may be interesting to note that red, white, and blue makes purple.

.Revelation 17:7 | 17:9-10

.Revelation 17:12 | Daniel 7:20,24

.Revelation 17:7,9,15 | It's interesting to note that the Statue of Liberty has seven spikes on her crown, which represent seven land masses or continents if I remember correctly. In the Bible, it says the seven heads are seven mountains (17:9).

.Revelation 17:15 | This is a place that has a many different people from many different nationalities, speaking different languages.

.Revelation 17:18 | 17:1-3 | The Woman is the city, Babylon!
Day 269: Isaiah 1-2; Revelation 18

.Isaiah 1:4 | highlighted "they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger"

.Isaiah 1:17 | highlighted. Fatherless and widows mentioned together again. These are regarded as the poor who have no inheritance.

.Isaiah 1:19 | This does not just say willing or obedient, but willing AND obedient. It's one thing to be willing, but this is an example that teaches us that willingness must be followed by obedience. This is sort of like James says in James 1:22 that we must be doers and not just hearers of God's Word.

.Isaiah 1:21-22 | Revelation 17:1-2

.Revelation 18 | Nahum 3

.Revelation 18:10 | Zephaniah 1

.Revelation 18:2 | Isaiah 21:9

.Revelation 18:3 | highlighted "rich through the abundance of her delicacies."

.Revelation 18:4 | highlighted

.Revelation 18:8 | "Therefore shall her plagues come in one day" | 18:10,17

.Revelation 18:10 | It's interesting to note that the planes in the 9/11 attacks happened in 58 minutes, from the time the first plane hit the World Trade Centers until the time the last plan crashed into the field. Other related scriptures: Rev 14:8; 18:8,17

.Revelation 18:16 | 17:4

.Revelation 18:17 | 18:10

.Revelation 18:19 | Nahum 3:6

.Revelation 18:21 | highlighted
Day 270: Isaiah 3-4; Revelation 19

.Isaiah 3:2,14 | "ancient" or "ancients" is said to be the word used to refer to the older people, or possibly very old people.

.Revelation 19:1-2 | This may be the definition or meaning of Hallelujah (also said "Alleluia"): Salvation, and glory, and honour, and power, unto the Lord our God..." which may also include verse 2.

.Revelation 19:8,14 | Matt 27:59; John 20:6-7

.Revelation 19:10 | "The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy"

.Revelation 19:11-14 | 19:19-20 Big spiritual war

.Revelation 19:12 | "His eyes were as a flame of fire" | 1:14; 2:18

.Revelation 19:13 | "His name is called the Word of God" | John 1:1,14; Jeremiah 1:4, 2:1; Revelation 19:10; Jeremiah, being a prophet, had the spirit of prophecy. In Jeremiah, we see that the Word of the Lord/Word of God was actually speaking prophecies to Jeremiah. This Word of God is who became flesh and dwelt among us as Jesus (John 1:1,14).

.Revelation 19:15 | 13:10; Psalm 59:7; Ephesians 6:17

.Revelation 19:16 | It says He had on a vesture and on his thigh a name written. This would appear that it was written on the thigh part of His vesture (clothing). I seriously doubt this is a tattoo on his actual thigh. Jesus being the sacrifice without blemish would not have had any marks on Him, at least not while He was fulfilling the law (which includes Lev 19:28 that says not to have any marks printed on you), I'm not sure about after His fulfilling of the law though. Gen 24:2 references the thigh (possibly of some significance)

.Revelation 19:19-20 | 19:11-14 Big spiritual war

.Revelation 19:21 | The birds ate their dead bodies (19:17-18)

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